Module #2 – Twitter Advertising Programs

Twitter offers three key promotional tactics to help businesses advertise their products, gain followers and promote their brand to potential customers. Programs are offered at various costs and can help businesses meet their strategic objectives in this social space.

Promoted Tweets: These are tweets that are promoted by your business using keywords. The use of key words allows business to target their promoted tweets to users who search for specific words, tweet words that are related to the businesses brand and to target users based on similar brands that they follow on Twitter.  Promoted tweets are purchased on a CPE (Cost Per Engagement) basis so organizations only pay when users click, retweet, reply or favourite a promoted tweet. Organizations bid on the price that they are willing to pay per engagement and the cost is generally as low as 25 cents each.

Arby's Promoted Tweet

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Promoted Trends: Promoted trends are an exclusive purchase that will put a company’s trend topic at the top of the Twitter Trend Topics list on the home page for every Twitter user to see. Twitter user research indicates that users come back to the Twitter home page several times per day to view the list of trend topics so this can be a prime location to help a business amplify the conversations about their products and related topics. Promoted trends are based on a flat fee and can range upwards of thousands of dollars. This is an expensive options that can provide excellent exposure for businesses looking to reach new customers and

Twitter Promoted Trend

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Promoted Accounts: Companies can use this option to target customers who live near their business, follow similar business on Twitter, and tweet about topics relevant to their brand. Then an account is promoted on Twitter in the “Who to Follow” section of interest targeted users. Promoting your company’s Twitter account can help build loyal and engaged followers of your brand. The cost for promoted accounts if based on a CPF (Cost Per Follow) model in which bidders bid 50 cents to $5 and are only charged when new followers are gained.

Twitter who to follow

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Can Twitter Advertising Programs help your Public Relations Program?

Twitter advertising options can help businesses reach their strategic objectives on Twitter by gaining followers, increasing engagement such as re-tweets and increasing brand loyalty. There seems to be a cost effective option available for all types of organizations and there is an option to set your budget so that you do not exceed your budget. From and ROI perspective it is simple to gauge whether the investment has been worth it. You can easily see if Twitter advertising programs have allowed your business to reach new customers, increase engagement through content, and gain loyal followers; Twitter allows you to track your results in real time. There are also a number of tactics employed within the three programs discussed above to help you reach your target group including keywords on search, interest targeting, @username targeting and geo-targeting to make sure you are reaching potential customers that are located within the reach of your company’s services.

If you’re looking for more information before you make a decision on whether or not Twitter programs will benefit your business, check out Twitter’s Success Stories to see how companies of all sizes used these programs to increase their presence in this social platform.


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