Module #1 – First Impressions

Welcome to my blog. This isn’t my first attempt at a blog but the difference this time is that I have you all to check in and read it…haha. I am a digital Communications Specialist at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) and I spend most of my day crafting posts for Facebook and Twitter, writing web content, and coming up with new content features for our employee intranet. I started my career in Communications through and on role in IT and I am taking this course as part of the Public Relations Certificate to sharpen my skills in my field.

This week’s reading provided a comprehensive overview of social media and what it can offer to PR programs and brand marketing. The stand out message for me this week was this image from the Demystifying social media post.

Exhibit 4 pillars of SM

(Image Source)

My organization has spent a lot of time monitoring conversation to help us develop a good social media strategy that will reach our target audiences. In the absence of a strategy we have also found ourselves in many situations where we have had to respond to crisis situations via social media because we didn’t have a proactive plan in place. I really like this image because it quickly depicts the primary functions of social media platforms.

Last year we finished developing a combined PR and Marketing social media strategy and we are finally starting to see hoe social media can amplify the conversation and lead user engagement with our target audiences.

In addition, another challenge that came up in the readings for week one that resonated with me was making sure that organizations chose the right platform to reach their desired target audiences. It is tempting to get involved in many social media platforms as you can in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. It’s important to identify what audiences the organization is trying to reach and to do the research to figure out what social media platforms those target audiences are engaging in and develop the right content to communicate your message.


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