Module #9 – Action, Attention and Attitude in Social Media Measurement


Determining the ROI and benefits of social media for your organization can be difficult; there are a number of free and paid tools that can be used to monitor your social media channels but first, you need to know what you’re looking for.  The three A’s of social media; Action, Attention, and Attitude can help you find correlations between  objectives and social media results. Let’s take a look at the three A’s and get a better understanding of what they mean in social media.

Action: Action is that way that your visitors and followers engage with your brand in the digital space. Actions include liking, sharing, commenting on posts, retweeting, and engaging with you or other followers. The value in these actions corresponds directly to your business objectives what your brand is looking for as a measure of successful action. In some cases this might be a bigger call to action such as subscribing to a newsletter, signing a petition, downloading content or purchasing a product. If you want to know how your actions translate to business results you need to start by setting some target around how you want you audiences to engage with you in the digital space.

Attention: Simply put, attention is a measurement of how many people are engage with your brand’s online presence. It is the number of followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, website visitors, click throughs, You Tube views, Pinterest pins and more. Attention is simple to measure but if you want to look at attention as a measurement for success it is important to start with a baseline so you can see how attention grows and changes as your organization employs different social media tactics. It’s also important to be aware that not all attention is helpful and that followers are not all created equal. Influential followers can help drive traffic to your site or likes to you Facebook page because their likes, comments, and shares have a wider reach and can influence behaviour in the social space.

Attitude: Also known as sentiment, attitude is the overall tone of the interactions that your followers have when interacting with your brand online. Attitude can be measured by looking at the number of positive and negative comments and mentions on Twitter and Facebook, complaints, reviews or keywords that indicate how people feel when they talk about your brand online. Of course positive mentions and comments are good for your brand’s online presence but it is also important o pay attention to the negative comments and complaints to help you understand how to improve your customer’s experience with your brand or products.

If you’re looking for an informative and entertaining overview of the basics of social media ROI check out Olivier Blanchard’s Basics of Social Media ROI presentation


2 thoughts on “Module #9 – Action, Attention and Attitude in Social Media Measurement

  1. Hi Heather – great post, you really helped explain the differences between action, attitude and attention. I especially liked the slideshow you included!

  2. Hi Heather, thanks for your post. I liked how you have examples to illustrate each concept, this made them easy to digest. I also thought the slideshow was a nice touch as well!

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