Module #10 – Social Media Monitoring & Measurement: Tools to get the job done!

Investing in your brand’s social media channels takes time, money and resources and at the end of the day it is important to be able to measure the ROI. In my last post I talked about the “Three A’s” of social media monitoring and how you can use measures of action, attitude and attention to help find correlations between business objectives and social media results.

In this post I’ll describe four tools that you can use to monitor the “Three A’s” and gauge your brand’s success in social media. these tools can help your social media program be more successful by helping to identify what content your followers are interested in and engaging with, determining what content and calls to action are resulting in conversions for your brand, and providing a quick and efficient way track sentiment and brand health in a single location across multiple channels. Social media monitoring tools save time and effort while helping to evaluate the ROI of your program.


tweetdeck-logo Tweet Deck is a A web based social media monitoring and engagement tool that allows users to monitor and manage engagement for multiple  Twitter timelines within a single  interface. TweetDeck is a free tool offered by Twitter that provides the following monitoring features:


  • Schedule future Tweets
  • Set alerts to keep on top of tweets, re-tweets and brand mentions on Twitter
  • Filter measurement criteria to focus on engagement, users and content types
  • Eliminate users or terms from your brand’s Twitter timeline
  • Real time streaming and engagement with tweets, re-tweets and mentions.

TweetDeck is a free app that is offered for iPhone, Android and both Mac and PC operating systems.


hootsuite-logo-200x200HootSuite allows you to listen, engage and measure all of your brand’s social media channels in a single web based interface. HootSuite is a scale-able tool that offers three levels of features at the free, pro and enterprise levels. The free version offers publishing features including message drafts, scheduling and RSS feeds. Free monitoring tools include the ability to perform advanced searches, filter content and manage Twitter followers is addition to the following advanced features:

  • Custom search streams for brand keywords
  • Search by @mentions and hashtags
  • Filtering for location, klout score, keywords and languages
  • Built in URL shortener
  • file sharing and click through tracker.

HootSuite enables monitoring and management for Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Google+ Pages, Foursquare, WordPress, and Mixi.


topsy-logo  Topsy is a social search engine. Search by the name of your brand or keywords related to you industry to to sort through the latest social activity and gain insights that can help     you align your social media activities with your business goals. Enter your search term into the Topsy search engine and filter your results by content type (everything, links,        tweets, photos, videos and influencers), time and date range, and by language.

webfluenz logo

Webfluenz is a paid social media monitoring tool that allows users to monitor brand health, social behaviour and engagement, and identify potential crisis    situations. Pricing for Webfluenz starts at $89 and goes up to $4299 per month depending on the features and and services that you choose. Key features include:

  • Real time monitoring and search of all social channels
  • Analytics – dashboards, social profile analysis, detailed reports, ad hoc reporting, data archive, influencer identification, customer quotes, trends, industry.brand comparisons, geographic and gender demographics, social network breakdown and results filtering.
  • Engagement – Author profiles, engagement history, facebook and Twitter engagement, and engagement form external sources
  • Publishing and scheduling for multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Alerts for keywords, trends and custom searches
  • Social profile analysis
  • Sentiment tagging

Module #9 – Action, Attention and Attitude in Social Media Measurement


Determining the ROI and benefits of social media for your organization can be difficult; there are a number of free and paid tools that can be used to monitor your social media channels but first, you need to know what you’re looking for.  The three A’s of social media; Action, Attention, and Attitude can help you find correlations between  objectives and social media results. Let’s take a look at the three A’s and get a better understanding of what they mean in social media.

Action: Action is that way that your visitors and followers engage with your brand in the digital space. Actions include liking, sharing, commenting on posts, retweeting, and engaging with you or other followers. The value in these actions corresponds directly to your business objectives what your brand is looking for as a measure of successful action. In some cases this might be a bigger call to action such as subscribing to a newsletter, signing a petition, downloading content or purchasing a product. If you want to know how your actions translate to business results you need to start by setting some target around how you want you audiences to engage with you in the digital space.

Attention: Simply put, attention is a measurement of how many people are engage with your brand’s online presence. It is the number of followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, website visitors, click throughs, You Tube views, Pinterest pins and more. Attention is simple to measure but if you want to look at attention as a measurement for success it is important to start with a baseline so you can see how attention grows and changes as your organization employs different social media tactics. It’s also important to be aware that not all attention is helpful and that followers are not all created equal. Influential followers can help drive traffic to your site or likes to you Facebook page because their likes, comments, and shares have a wider reach and can influence behaviour in the social space.

Attitude: Also known as sentiment, attitude is the overall tone of the interactions that your followers have when interacting with your brand online. Attitude can be measured by looking at the number of positive and negative comments and mentions on Twitter and Facebook, complaints, reviews or keywords that indicate how people feel when they talk about your brand online. Of course positive mentions and comments are good for your brand’s online presence but it is also important o pay attention to the negative comments and complaints to help you understand how to improve your customer’s experience with your brand or products.

If you’re looking for an informative and entertaining overview of the basics of social media ROI check out Olivier Blanchard’s Basics of Social Media ROI presentation